Portal To The Soul

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Oh my! I’ve been listening to so many great podcasts lately!! The one I listened to today was primarily about defining your own success, however it also related back to the importance of nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness as part of our core health. #welcometothechiropracticlifestyle!
The quote above really resonated with me when @richroll described how changing the vibration and frequency of our cells through nutrition, naturally increases the willingness to exercise and practice meditation. Unfortunately, most people find it incredibly difficult to break their addiction to foods that have very little nutritional value.
So, to build up our appetite for good food, please share your favorite salad recipe in the comments below!! The salad I had today included: mixed greens, roasted turkey breast, goat cheese, apples, cranberries, & sunflower seeds, topped with honey mustard dressing! #yummy!
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