Food Is More Than Calories

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When I heard the above quote during one of @markhymanmd‘s live IG feeds, it immediately resonated with me. I never understood the emphasis behind the law of thermodynamics. To me, a calorie has never been just a calorie. It’s SO MUCH MORE than that. Think of it as burning cleaner fuel and it will start to make sense.
For example (relating back to my “sugar is sugar” post a few weeks ago), when you burn a calorie of that sugary soft drink vs when you burn a calorie of wholesome fruit- What nutrients are being released? What INFORMATION is being sent to your cells? How are we supporting our system so it functions as an INTEGRATED & BALANCED WHOLE?
As a chiropractor and a functional medicine doc, I address areas of the body that are lacking in proper nutrtion- whether that be due to lack of motion in a joint or lack of proper cofactors for biochemical processes- I seek the cause of dysfunction and disease, repair it, and let the body perform it’s natural healing process.
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