Wake Up With Gratitude

Wake up with (1)

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY stand behind mindfulness as a key element to healing. With my background in psychology, I fully understand the importance of evaluating the WHOLE patient and I love how much it relates to living a chiropractic lifestyle. Above all else, our mindset has a huge impact on our health.
One of the easiest ways to practice mindfulness is to wake up with a heart full of gratitude. PRIME YOUR MIND FOR GOOD. Before you jump out of bed, one way of inclining your mind toward resiliency and opening up to the good of the day is to consider an intentional gratitude practice. What in your life right now do you have to be grateful for? It could be something simple, like waking up on the right side of the bed, to having a roof over your head, to having a good cup of coffee in the morning.
Even the practice of SEARCHING FOR GRATITUDE is enough to prime our mind in the right direction! The same neurological pathways are stimulated simply by thinking about something to be grateful for!
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