Without Proper Nutrition

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Almost 1 week into my 6-week REPAIR & CLEAR program through @apexenergetics, and I finally noticed some changes yesterday! I originally decided to dive into this supplementation program so I could understand the challenges my patients would face when starting on their journey to better health. And, of course, I’ve been the #perfect patient!!… accidentally skipping doses, mistakenly taking double doses, dreading the idea of repeating the process each day… #notperfect#onlyhuman
However, I am excited to note that I’m starting to regain energy, motivation, and stamina to get through my day, AND I’m only in the IMMUNE BOOSTING phase! I’ve recently been battling a cold so I’ve been doing my best to continue to eat right, move often, and keep up with my chiropractic adjustments. But this was definitely the boost my cells needed to really speed up the healing process!
Are YOU interested in regaining your health? Let’s chat! Book an appointment through my facebook page today! #linkinbio
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