Sugar In Any Form


So what does this mean exactly? Am I saying we should NEVER consume sugar? Of course not! I’m definitely not one to turn down a sweet treat from time to time. However, the problem with the majority of food we consume is that it contains “hidden” sugar (aka carbs, aka glucose, aka fructose, aka high fructose corn syrup) and we over-consume sugar without even realizing it!
Ok, so what is a pharmacological dose? Consider this: “When ONE 20 oz sweetened soda, sports drink, or tea has 17 teaspoons of sugar (and the average individual often consumes two drinks a day) we are conducting a largely uncontrolled experiment on the human species. Our hunter gatherer ancestors consumed the equivalent of 20 teaspoons per year, not per day.” -Mark Hyman, MD
SUGAR IS SUGAR. Quantity matters. It’s all about balance. Ready to take a look at your nutrition? Schedule your functional medicine consultation and I can help you navigate the best options for you and your health!!
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