Opposed to Nature

When thinking about this quote, it’s easy to see how it applies to almost everything that prevents us from reaching our full health potential. Life is about balance and homeostasis. Have you taken time to think about about all of the areas that are unbalanced in your life?
Research has linked “STRESS SYSTEM DYSFUNCTION, characterized by sustained hyperactivity and/or hypoactivity [AKA: A STATE OF IMBALANCE], to various pathophysiologic states that cut across the traditional boundaries of medical disciplines. These include a range of psychiatric, endocrine, and inflammatory disorders and/or susceptibility to such disorders.” In essence, this defines holistic healthcare and why docs like me choose to look at the individual as an integrated system!!
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is thought that an imbalance of Qi (energy) is what leads to dysfunction throughout the body. In Chiropractic Philosophy, it is thought that an unbalanced or misaligned spine can lead to dis-ease. Finding our way back into balance is key to finding success in taking care of our health, and I’m here to help you with that!
JAMA. 1992;267(9):1244-1252⠀
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