Be Mindful


Studies have shown that being mindful during exercise actually IMPROVES performance and helps maintain the exercise habit. Some of the benefits of mindful workouts:
1) A healthier connection to your body: when we’re in tune with our body and the muscles we’re working on, we can increase the result(s) and get more out of each exercise.
2) Improved results: focusing on the quality of the workouts over quantity will improve your body’s reception.
3) Increased fulfillment: you’re going to feel your best knowing you got the most out of each exercise.
Want another way to improve the mind-body connection? REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS help maintain the neurological connections throughout the body so you are more aware and in-tune with yourself. Have you been seen by your chiropractor recently?
Behaviour research and therapy 48.8 (2010): 805-809.
Journal of health psychology 21.9 (2016): 1817-1827.
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