The Heart Is the Emperor, The Supreme Controller


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As a doc that loves everything Acupuncture, I spend a lot of time reading about how the body developed embryologically, which in turn explains some of the mysticism surrounding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
DID YOU KNOW?: According to TCM, the Heart is considered the center of our being. It is here that our emotions live, our hormones beat, and where we FEEL our LIFE.
Studies show that one of the most important things to help avoid a heart attack – along with stopping smoking and exercising – is a loving relationship. So this Valentines Day, be sure to love a little extra and take time to love yourself as well! Schedule that chiropractic adjustment, splurge on that acupuncture treatment, take time out for that massage – you DESERVE IT!
Arch. Intern. Med. 167, 18, 1951-1957
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